Fundives in Gili Trawangan

Scuba Diving Gili Islands: Fun Diving for Everyone

Gili Dive Site

The Gili Islands offer a range of more than 15 different dive sites, each of them carrying a strong personality offering you a unique experience. Between the drift dives, the deep dives, the coral reef dives, the wreck dives, we can accommodate all types of divers from beginner level to the most experienced.

From macro life to the big pelagic species, the Gili Islands are home to a large reserve of wildlife in the heart of the coral triangle.

We are located in a tropical water environment and we can expect to find all the marine life linked to this biotope or ecosystem.
The most common categories consist of: lion fish, scorpion fish, anemone fish, moray eel, stingray, turtle, shark...

Keep in mind, the ocean is an enormous aquarium that we have very little to no control over. Therefore there is no guarantee you will see a specific species on each dive, although green turtles may be the exception.
Please respect our dive sites and marine life by not touching or teasing marine life at any time.

Scuba Facts

Water Temperature

Between 25 - 29 oC (77 - 84 o F)


20 - 40 meters (65 - 120 feet)


5 - 30 meters (16 - 98 feet)

Experience Level

Discover Scuba Diver to Advanced


None to Gentle 5 (December / January stronger currents)

Surface Condition

In the Afternoon a bit choppy sea

Dive Sites

More than 20


Diving from the boat

Marine Life

Shark, turtle, ray, cuttlefish, octopus, scorpion fish and many more

Diving Season

All year around (December / January stronger currents)


5 - 15 minutes to the dive sites from DSM Dive center Gili Trawangan


DSM DIVE boats "Samudra" and "Fiki"


In the dive industry, the booking has to be completed at least one day before the course. Diving is not too complicated, but it takes a lot of logistical support and organization. Each diver has to come in person in the dive center to complete the pre course paperwork and to receive the teaching material. With your instructor, we will explain your personal plan and how the course will be proceed.

Dive Sites

  • Shark Point [ 5m / 50m]
  • Halik [ 5m / 50m ]
  • Shallow Turbo [ 6m / 25m ]
  • Deep Turbo [ 10m / 35m ]
  • Basket Coral [ 3m / 25m ]
  • Biorock [ 5m / 25m ]
  • Sunset [ 7m / 25m ]
  • Meno Wall [ 7m / 22m ]
  • Meno Slope [ 7m / 22m ]
  • Bounty Wreck [ 7m / 25m ]
  • Turtle City [ 3m / 32m ]
  • Secret Reef [ 12m / 35m ]
  • Air Wall [ 5m / 28m ]
  • Boomies [ 12m / 45m ]
  • Frog Fish [ 5m / 25m ]
  • Air Slope [ 5m / 23m ]
  • and others...