Fundives in Gili Islands, Sekotong and Lombok

Fun Dive around the Gili Islands

Padi Fun Dive Gili Trawangan with DSM DIVE
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Padi Fun Dive Gili Trawangan with DSM Dive

For certified divers, we have 2 or 3 boat trips a day, depending on the season (low season 2 trips high season 3 trips). Each trip is 1 dive: distance to the dive sites is 10 minutes, dive time up to 1 hour, followed by return to Gili Trawangan.

We are located in a tropical water environment and we can expect to find all the marine life linked to this biotope or ecosystem.

The Gili Islands offer a range of 20 different dive sites, each of them carrying a strong personality offering you a unique experience. Between the drift dives, the deep dives, the coral reef dives, the wreck dives, we can accommodate all types of divers from beginner level to the most experienced.

With different topography and exposure to changing currents, the dive sites have developed three main biotopes: sand, coral and rock. Each of these biotopes offers a different habitat for a large array of marine life. The water temperature ranges from 27 to 30 degrees celsius year round directly in the heart of the tropics. Our primary marine life that we see an abundance of every day consists of turtles, lion fish, moray eels, rays and sharks...

From macro life to the big pelagic species, the Gili Islands are home to a large reserve of wildlife in the heart of the coral triangle.

Please respect our dive sites and marine life by not touching or teasing marine life at any time.

The Basics

The Fun Dive are based around all the Gili Islands. The Dive Team chooses the best dive sites on a daily basis, depending on the ocean conditions (current, wind, wave strength). If the conditions are too rough, the dive site can be changes last minute to guarantee your safety.

The dive groups are maximum 4 guests to be lead by one of our Divemasters or Instructors.

The maximum operating depth is defined by overall level of the group. Due to the ocean conditions we can have in the Gili Islands, each group has to stay with their dive guide.

The Prerequisites

  • Being certified diver.
  • Being an active diver. After a certain period of inactivity, a Refresh Course is mandatory.
  • Medical Clearance for any pre existing conditions. [ download the medical form here ]
  • Please send us an email, call us or drop by at DSM Dive to make your reservation at least 24 h in advance
  • There are strict restrictions when flying to altitude after diving. You need to wait a minimum of 18 hours after your last dive, so please plan your flights and mountain hiking trips accordingly.


In the dive industry, the booking has to be completed at least one day before the dive. Diving is not too complicated, but it takes a lot of logistical support and organization. Each diver has to come in person in the dive center to complete the pre dive paperwork and to try the equipment. With your Divemaster, we will explain your personal plan and how we will be proceed.

Full Price List / Policy

1 Fun Dive

IDR 490 000 /pax
USD 38 /pax ( USD price for reference only)
  • 1 Fun Dive around Gili islands
  • Transport to the dive sites (Gili islands)
  • Equipment
  • Divemaster for your group

5 Fun Dives 10% OFF

IDR 2 205 000 /pax
USD 170 /pax ( USD price for reference only)
  • 5 Fun Dives around Gili islands
  • Transport to the dive sites (Gili islands)
  • Equipment
  • Divemaster for your group

What we recommend to bring

  • Drinking water
  • Sun and wind protection
  • Swimwear and towel
  • Some money for your lunch
  • Filled in medical form