Artificial Reef Lombok

Scuba Diving Senggigi Lombok - Artificial Reef Park

The Artificial Reef Park of Lombok lies in Senggigi Bay in front of the Artmarket. In cooperation with the Gili Eco Trust, Lombok Hotel Association and Qunci Villas, DSM Dive sunk an artificial reef in May 2014. The sculpture was designed and made by the famous Indonesian artist Teguh Ostenrik. With the help of a solar panel, corals are growing on the structure and draw a nice picture in the underwater world of Senggigi Bay. The bay was choosen for its calm and warm waters and its easy access from the beach. Teguh Ostenrik formed his underwater sculpture like a giant sepia with the wish to attract these amongst other underwater animals to this area.

With the artificial reef park a contribution to nature was made in the hope for a rich underwater life. The first underwater animals signed already their housing contract and are now living in the "Domus Sepiae" waiting for you to say hello.

Fun Dive Rates

Artificial Reef Park


The price is per dive for guests staying in Lombok


  • 1 dive around Artificial Reef Park Senggigi
  • Transport to the dive site Artificial Reef Park Senggigi
  • Equipment
  • Dive guide per group


  • Certified diver (at least scuba diver level)
  • Be in good health read more (leading to medical statement)

What we recommend to bring

  • Drinking water
  • Sun and wind protection
  • (Underwater-)Camera
  • Swimwear and towel
  • Diving Certification Card and logbook
  • Some money for your lunch
  • Filled in medical form
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Artificial Reef-2
Artificial Reef-3
Artificial Reef-4


Water Temperature

Between 25 - 29 oC (77 - 84 o F)


20 - 30 meters (65 - 98 feet)


2 - 10 meters (6 - 32 feet)

Experience Level

Discover Scuba Diver to Advanced



Surface Condition


Dive Sites



Diving from the shore

Marine Life

Squid, cuttlefish, octopus, scorpion fish and many more

Diving Season

All year around


2 minutes from DSM Dive center Lombok Senggigi